Setting up the Radioddity GD-77 in two Easy Steps


Before you begin, you need to have a 
  • Windows PC 

Installing the Latest Firmware

Log in to the radiooddity downloads page

and download firmware version 3.1.3

Install the Software on your Windows PC

Update the Radio's Firmware

Installing the Latest Code Plug

After tinkering with the Radiooddity software for a short time, I determined it would be easier to just get a code plug than try to figure out the specifics of how Talk Groups, RX Groups, Zones and Contacts all work together to make a working radio.  

I downloaded the latest GD-77 Codeplug from the Ohio Arrl Digital Page 

Then, modify the codeplug to include your unique DMR Radio ID

Then, I the modified code plug to the radio.

Keep in Mind, this code plug only has Ohio repeaters and zones.